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The process of organizing and creating the Phippsburg Historical Society began in December 1960, soon after it came to the Town’s attention that a formal historical association was needed. With the initiative of the Board of Selectmen, individuals from each section of town were contacted and a historical committee was formed.  In early 1961 technicalities involved in creating such a corporation were discussed and a Board of Directors was established.  On March 20, 1961, the Society held is first general meeting where membership was open to the public for the first time.  Reaching out to the community, the first historical pamphlet was written and distributed.  Soon after, several hundred visitors were drawn to an exhibit of historical Phippsburg material, held at the Popham Beach Library.

By the end of the Phippsburg Historical Society’s first year, there were ninety-seven steady members. In 1962, as a result of the vote of the townspeople at the annual March Town Meeting, the one-room Phippsburg Center Schoolhouse and its land was given to the Society to develop a museum and permanent headquarters. The building opened as a museum in 1964. Since 1964 two additions were added to the original building. A wing was added to the east side of the building in 1992 and the newest addition was added to the north side in 2007.

Of great importance to not only the town, but the nation, the state-sponsored archaeological “dig” at 1607 Popham Colony’s Fort St. George took place for the first time between April and June 1962.  As the original Board of Directors had hoped, the Phippsburg Historical Society has continued to grow in years since, maintaining its early-found reputation.

Museum Notes

Phippsburg Historical Society continues to offer valuable services in preserving the town of Phippsburg's rich history.  We are getting more and more requests from a diverse group of people to open the museum during the winter so visitors may come in and do research.  We also are finding that leaving the room where our archives are housed unheated, is taking a toll on delicate photos and documents.

We have directed our fund raising campaign this year towards making a climate controlled space so the museum could be used year round, and help preserve precious documents and photographs. Thanks to our fundraising we were able to install a brand new HVAC climate control system in the research library and more to come. A new door was also installed to the research library as well as a new alarm was also installed. Thanks to our fundraising we have done we are able to look forward to the security of preserving precious documents in the future.

Currently, our income through membership, memorial donations, admissions, and sales of books just manages to cover our expenses.  The major expense is property insurance (almost 50% of yearly expenses).  For the fiscal year 2013-2014, our income has reached approximately $8,352. Our projected expenses for the fiscal year are approximately $6,127.  This gives us a beginning amount of approximately $2,000 to direct towards improvement in year round access to museum and document preservation

Volunteers Wanted!

                                                        WILL YOU HELP?
Phippsburg Historical Society is looking for energetic people to  volunteer their time at the museum.  We open from the last week in June through September, Mondays-Saturdays 10:00-2:00.  Please consider volunteering your time to the museum. If you want to volunteer please contact: Lawson Beals at 207-212-3864, P.O. Box 65, Phippsburg, Me 04562 or Phippsburg Historical Society. P.O. Box 21, Phippsburg, Me, 04562

Phippsburg Historical Society P.O. Box 21 Phippsburg Maine 04562

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